I just got on a couple of Nezzy’s this past year and it has changed surfing for me! It’s allowing me to approach waves the way they are meant to be and given me more speed power and flow than I realized was possible. I’m so stoked on Nezzy surfboards I’d recommend it to anyone looking to step up their surf game!

Kevin P

College Student

Nezzy has recently became 1 of the top three shapers with EPS foam epoxy surfboards on the west coast!.
EPS boards take a certain finesse, and a tremendous amount of detail with different sanding equipment , than a standard poly board . He makes EPS finished shaped blanks look better than poly boards! I am amazed on how his Polyester boards.
But his EPS Epoxies are just on another level compared to all the other boards out on the market!

Scott H


I’ve been getting boards from Tom -Nezzy- Nesbit since 2005 and every board he made for me got better every year. The last couple boards the DBG and Nitro have been the best boards for me thus far. You are missing out if you don’t try one of Tom’s shapes. They are innovative and creative. He puts his heart and soul into every board he makes. Thanks Tom for the great boards!

Arsenio G

Surf Instructor
SideSlider Hawaii