Tom Nesbit grew up in San Diego, California.

During a family trip to Baja Mexico when he was 12 years old, he caught his the first wave of his life that ignited the  surfing dream.

At age 18 he made his first Hawaiian surf trip to North Shore Oahu which manifested into a surfing relationship that has grown over three decades.

Having the knack for using his hands, Tom put 2 and 2 together and discovered his true passion by shaping his first surfboard in 1979.

The next 10 years to follow, Tom began making as many boards as he possibly could, testing designs out for himself, and stoking out his friends.

In 1989 his passion grew into a career, as did the demand for his innovative & top-notch surfboard shaping.

In the early 90’s he founded Morning Glass Surfboards which became known as one of the best surfboard glassing companies in the surfing industry.

For the next 20 years of research & development while producing surfboards for notable surfers such as David Gonsalves, Magnum Martinez, Carissa Moore, Derrick Ho, & the late Andy Irons to name a few, Tom created some of the best surfboards that have helped elite surfers to progress their surfing as well as win in world class competitions.

Today as a master of his craft, Tom has over 30 years experience of making some of the best surfboards that work not only for pros, but surfers of all walks of life enjoy his expert craftsmanship.

To summarize Tom “Nezzy” Nesbit’s surfboard shaping would be simply to say he loves what  he does and that’s making quality surfboards.  Nezzy surfboard designs are etched into surfing history and are amongst the best of innovators in the future of the sport of surfing.

Quoting the Chief:

“I make surfboards because I enjoy creating something that brings so much enjoyment and happiness to people.”  “Getting that call from a stoked customer or watching them surf that board and seeing how stoked they are is what makes it all worthwhile!”.

Nezzy Surfboards